Monday, 22 November 2010

A premonitory dream

Alexandrina, like other saints, had a premonitory dream that allowed her to have an intuition of the road she must cover on earth, to reach her final goal. It was sometime during 1916-1918; she describes it in her Autobiography:  

I went up to the Paradise by means of a little staircase that was so narrow that there was barely room on the treads for my toes. It was with a lot of difficulty and time that I arrived there, because I did not have anything to clutch on to. On the way, I saw some souls on the side of the stairs, giving me comfort without actually speaking to me.
Once I had reached the top, I saw at the centre, on a throne, Our Lord and, at his side, His Holy Mother. All Heaven was full of blessed souls.
After contemplating all this, I had to return to earth, which I did not want to do.
I climbed down with much difficulty and found myself on earth, and everything had disappeared.

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