Sunday, 25 May 2014

Colloquy of Jesus with Alexandrina (fragment, March 16, Friday)

- Far from Me, my daughter, far, far away, is the sinner hardened and mad by passions. Far, far away live the sinners lost to addiction and to flesh, maddened and blinded by all vices.
Come here, my daughter, come, my white dove, to receive from your Jesus, Father and Spouse, the medicine, the life and light to lead them to Me.
Jesus united His Divine Heart to mine, as well as His holy face and His lips also approached mine. He caressed me and light, love, comfort and life passed from His Heart to mine. He gave me everything He had. He continued:
- Go, dear daughter, medicine of souls, go and give them all this; I chose you to be their salvation, I chose you to support them, I chose you to be their light.
Give it to them, pluck them out of darkness. Go with my love and your unmatched pain to pluck them from the clutches of Satan; they are stuck in the mud and in thorns. You are the light of lights, the madness, the love of loves.
- O my Jesus, give me what you will, give me what is Yours, only with what is Yours can I steal them from the devil, only with the light of Thy divine love can I give them light. I thirst, I thirst, Jesus, to give You souls, all souls.
- Your thirst is mine, my dear one: I quench myself with it. I thirst and hunger for souls; it is a thirst and hunger that causes death. Look, so many are trapped, stuck in those thorns! If you do not go to extract them, they will die there, and from there they will pass to hell.
- Now, now, my Jesus, I go, I want to go there to release them, whatever the cost.
- My daughter, but you will leave you own flesh there...
- No matter, my Jesus, I want to save them.
- My daughter, you will shed your blood there...
- No matter, my Jesus, You also shed Yours to the last drop. I want to go there, whatever the cost, whatever I lose. I'm going, Jesus, I am going even if I fall apart in those thorns and my bones remain there. Because of Thy Divine love I give all, all for souls.
How harrowing was the vision of these thorns! Without great help, without the strength of Heaven, never, never would so many lambs be freed from there. 
- O pure one, O beautiful one, O winner of souls, you fly the flag of victory! You are the lily of the valley, tender flower of the meadows! Your virtues are lilies, they are flowers from the angelic garden that adorn the throne of divine Majesty!
What good it will do to souls when your life is known, preached and read, your heavenly life, your unique life!

Oh, how I crave that the light that you have received from Me will penetrate the hearts of all mankind! Oh, how I yearn for it to learn from this book of virtues and divine sciences!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

In Poland the cult of Alexandrina is growing!

In Poland the devotion to Blessed Alexandrina is growing. On a meeting on which she was presented were many thousand people. And she is doing many miracles when people pray.
See here the website of a Polish magazine with an article on Bld Alexandrina.