Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I believe that one should speak of a miracle when we read certain Alexandrina's pages. The perfect, the original expression gives to them an undeniable and high literary value. How to explain this in a woman who did not study, who lived in rural areas, who spent so much time closed in her room?
And we must add the fact that she does not correct, never goes back to set a word, a phrase, to change a sentence.
Take one example.

O my God, my God, I run in a crazy career for Friday. How tremendous hours expect me!
Calvary is on top, is so high, nearly reaches the sky. I have to raise it faint and in the most tremendous desolation.
It seems to me that from its top Someone is shouting me:
- Walk with confidence! I've also climbed. Here I wait you.
But the road is so painful and I'm so tired; I fall, roll back a bit. I walk so charged! With all cost I lift with the weight.
My God, I don’t see, poor little and blind girl!
O my Jesus, come and give me a hand!
It is the love that compels me to walk, it is the love that wins sorrow, it is love that brings me to You ...

The number of countries from whence came the visits in October reached a new maximum, 115. The daily average rose to 313.

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