Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Holy Spirit

This time we put subtitles on the transcribed extract of the monthly page. Were copied from the colloquy.

The importance of the first two transcripts does not need to be highlighted; those of the end have a surprising actuality in these times when the crimes of the flesh were legalized by the states as if they were a normal thing. In the last Alexandrina is seen as a source of hope for the world; this gives urgency to the disclosure of her message.

When I had suffered, I began to feel in my soul a flutter of wings: they descended on me from on high. With the eyes of the soul I could see a dove, full of brightness which made ​​my heart its nest. It rose, beat its wings, flew up then fluttered down around me and with its little beak gave me life, and with its brilliance gave me light. Then it returned again to rest in its nest. In these moments, I soaked myself in all that brilliance, in that light, and my soul ceased to suffer. And Jesus, my Jesus, began to say to me:
- You are full of grace, my daughter, because Jesus is with you.
You are full of light, purity and love, because the Holy Spirit has now come down to you from Heaven.
He always lived in you, but now as never before He has come down to you; He has left His throne of glory and come to My throne, My paradise, My heaven on earth. He has come to the nest of your heart.
He has descended on you as He once descended upon the apostles. From now on, you have light, all the light, so that you understand and know the greatness of my love, my power, my mercy and the severity of the injury done to my Divine Heart.
You are a book of sciences, you are the safe where are deposited all the divine sciences, all that belongs to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
Oh, wonder! Oh, prodigy without equal!

Your life is the life of the crucified Christ
- O my Jesus, yes, I want to know the greatness of your love, I want to know everything You say, because this what you desire. But ah, to know sin, the seriousness of it, I'm afraid, my Jesus, I'm afraid to offend Thee!
- No, my daughter, no.
You are my beloved spouse, I want you pure, pure, worthy of me. That is why you possess the riches of the Divine Trinity and the riches of Mary.
You will know sin as offense against me, but not in the seriousness and evil of the creatures.
Your life is the life of the crucified Christ.
For nearly twenty centuries the Redeemer has walked through the world, but now he has chosen a new redemptrix. Now, yes, because the world needs her.
The Savior hasn’t come with a savior to continue the same work.
You can accomplish everything, you can possess everything, because I am with you.
I have great desire for your life to be known, but it is not possible without great pain, immolation and sacrifice.
The pain is for you, the glory is for me, the advantage is for souls.
The time has come: let there be light, let it be light! The world needs, the world hungers for, my hidden life in you.

Hurry, hurry, penance, reparation for the sins of the flesh!
Ask for prayer, reparation, amendment of life. Ask for it, my daughter, ask for it, it is not done without being asked for; it cannot be asked for without my divine wish that it be known.
Hurry, hurry, penance, reparation for the sins of the flesh!
Impurity is an open window which gives entry to all mortal sins.
It is urgent that the world converts.
Woe to him, who does not convert quickly! Woe to him, woe to Portugal! Blessed homeland, privileged land for the protection of the Virgin and for the victim who encloses within herself wonders and divine riches without equal!
It's your world; I entrusted it to you, but Portugal is more yours, because you are the safe of the divine riches which I came to give it.

O world, O Portugal, come quickly to your God!
O world, O Portugal, come quickly to your God, arise from the mud, abandon your sins! If you don’t do it, you shall soon weep and cry under the weight of divine justice.
Daughter, my beloved spouse, Heaven wants you, longs for you, will come soon to get you. And the virtues of your life here on earth will shine, will glow like stars in the sky, will spread their brightness to the whole world, the world that is yours.

Your blessing, the fruitful dew of your love will always fall on the earth, while the earth exists
You will come to Heaven, but your blessing, the fruitful dew of your love will always fall on the earth, while the earth exists. You will receive everything from me to give everything to souls. You are of Jesus, you live in Jesus, you give to souls that which is of Jesus.
- Thanks, Jesus. I want to repeat every moment of my life, day and night, without ceasing: I am your victim, I only want to comfort You, I only want to save souls.
At the same time Jesus left me and I fell back into my pain; fell into night and into my martyrdom.
I accept everything because I want to comfort and love my Jesus.
Accept, O Lord, my regret at not knowing how to speak about you, for not knowing how to take your Divine Heart to all souls.
Sentiments of the soul, March 9, 1945

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Leo Madigan

Many English speaking friends of Blessed Alexandrina knew her through the book that Leo Madigan wrote, which is for sale in Balasar and that has been translated into Latvian. Wikipedia has a short biography on this writer and expert of Fatima and he recently created a new website. See and hear him still here.