Saturday, 24 February 2018

Meditation itineray

In one of the small plots of land annexed to the House of the Blessed Alexandrina, an original path for meditation on the message of her life and work was inaugurated at the end of 2017. Remarkable thing!
It begins with a square column on whose top, on each face, is the portrait of the Beata. In the soil, one reads the motto "To love, to suffer, to repair". The second step consists of a statue of Our Lady in stone, the Heavenly Mother, who always supported her in suffering. Then comes a stele with the copy of an icon representing Jesus, the Master of the school where Alexandrina learned.

Square column that begins the meditation path on the life and work of Blessed Alexandrina. In the last plane, other steps of this route and panels with allusive phrases are pointed out.

Now begins the walk of the Passion with the suggestion of the Garden of Gethsemane. Meanwhile, one can read many of the Beata's phrases on the next walls. The following moment is a stone square bench, in whose center is a stone table: it suggests the Cenacle and a pause for reflection aided by the transcriptions read on the neighboring wall. There is then a tank to which a spout of water flows; a panel clarifies its meaning with the phrase of the Gospel "I thirst." The column representing the Praetorium and the Flagellation is next seen. Further on, a cross stands on a rounded stone block (quartz) that appears to represent the globe. The walk concludes with a tall white ladder that symbolizes the Resurrection. Everything always accompanied with Alexandrina's quotations.
This course is dominated by the brilliant idea of ​​visually entwining the steps of the Passion of Christ with the experiences of Alexandrina. The fundamental of her life and work points to it and it does not make sense that the attention of the people visiting her house is directed to facts more or less accessory, secondary.

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