Saturday, 6 November 2010

Caminhos de Balasar (Paths of Balasar)

Those who engage in studying and disseminating the Blessed Alexandrina can only welcome as a happy event the publication of Caminhos de Balasar (Paths of Balasar), "a biography of the Blessed Alexandrina", written by Fr M. Fernando Silva.
And it comes at a time when the disclosure of the Beata of Balasar lives a particularly productive moment: came out recently in England the DVD by Mary's Dowry Productions, is an ongoing successful advertising campaign on Facebook, are to be launched the issue in French of the excellent biography Solo per Amore! (“Seulement par Amour!” or in English “For Love Alone!”) and the second edition of the voluminous book Figlia del Dolore Madre di Amore, has been recently published a book in Brazil, is expected a booklet translated to Latvian and other translated to Maltese and is ready a historical monograph of Balasar.
Caminhos de Balasar offers a clear, reader-friendly story, accessible to the ordinary reader. As Pastorinhos de Fátima (“Little Shepherds of Fatima”) by the same author.
The warning that he will not deal with the "mystical experience" of Alexandrina does not seem to be taken too literally. Fr Fernando wanted to follow the Autobiography and did it. Of course, completed the picture, going further, until the death of his protagonist.
The book has 400 pages of text, but when it comes to an end, you want more, you feel it was necessary to advance to the “Letters to Fr Pinho” and to the “Sentiments of the Soul”.
About the merits of Fr M. Fernando Silva, the cover itself makes plain. He is a distinguished member of the clergy of Braga and becomes the first among the priests of his diocese to achieve a work with this extension on the subject.
We believe that publication of this book is a very important step in order to obtain an accurate account of the facts essential to the longed-critical edition of the Bld Alexandrina’s writings.

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