Friday, 24 June 2011


It was illegal for him to be a priest in England, but he was bold in the face of threats and came back to Britain undercover.  After a dramatic mission throughout Elizabethan England, he was finally caught and found himself on the infamous rack.  The government was unable to break him for his determination thwarted even the greatest villains on their payroll.  He was 24 years old when he stood beneath a gallows and his whole life flashed before his eyes.  Meet Saint Edmund Gennings.
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Thursday, 23 June 2011

179 years ago: in the feast of Corpus Christi, the cross on the ground that announced Alexandrina as victim of the Eucharist

I write to advise you of an inexplicable occurrence in this Parish of Saint Eulalia of Balasar.
Last Corpus Christi, while the people coming to morning Mass were passing the road which crosses the little hill of Calvary, they noticed a cross laid out on the ground. The earth which formed this cross was of a lighter colour than the surrounding soil. Dew had fallen all around, except on the cross.
From the report of the parish priest on the apparition of the Holy Cross.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

O divine shepherdess, queen of the world!

- My daughter you do not live the life of the world, you have lost all connection with it. You live in Heaven; you live of what is divine. Your ways are the ways of Christ; this is the reason why you are not understood. Look, my angel, your mission is sublime: it is the richest of missions. That is the reason why you are hated and persecuted, hated by Satan for the souls that you steal from him. Persecuted by the world, because it doesn’t understand the life you live, what my life in souls is. Fear not, daughter, the vast treasure that I gave you through my Mother is not stolen from you. Your great martyrdom is just for the benefit of souls and for my greater glory. I, along with my Blessed Mother, locked the treasure with golden keys. We sealed your heart with divine seals. What pain for My Divine Heart to see your pain!
It is necessary to study deeply to understand the life of Christ in souls.
When I created you, I did so with such perfection, a perfection that is only able to purify and perform a most sublime mission. In the same way I prepared the souls that would guide you, souls who would understand, souls who only live my life, an intimate life with Me. Those who care for you care for Me.
My desire was that all my disciples studied these divine sciences. They do not study them, they do not understand. I give them the lights they need: they try to delete them. In vain: nothing can.
In all ages victims are needed; now more than ever I need them. I have destined you, my redeemer, you see to come at this time, a time when humanity is plunged into a vast sea of ​​mud and addictions. It's what you feel that the world steals. It is the vice that is greater than man, is the vice that is the thief of all that is mine.
O divine shepherdess, queen of the world, it is I, Jesus, who choose you, who have brought you up to new heights! Keep, save what I give you. Feed the herd in the meadow of purity, in the meadow of charity, of humility and above all in that of love. He who loves, and truly loves, does not offend His Beloved.
O fragrant lily, pure lily, radiate the world with your scents, with your virtues that are celestial aromas, scents that attract to you the flock that I entrusted to you and through you come to me, and through you rises to Heaven.
Courage! Fear not. The glory is Mine, the triumph is Mine. Throughout all time my Church has been persecuted, how can it, and what belongs to it, not be persecuted now? What is richer and nobler?
Never have I immolated another victim to this extent, nor will I: I have never received from anyone so many souls, nor will I. You are the mother, the mother of sinners, their queen.
After Me and My Blessed Mother, there is no one who has so much power over them as you. Courage, my shining star, a lighthouse of all mankind!
Sentiments of the Soul, 22/12/1944 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Everything came down to the nothing

(Alexandrina’s thanksgiving after the Holy Communion)

The Everything came down to the nothing, Greatness came down to poverty.
Love came down to coldness, to indifference, to misery, to indignity.
What a great love is Jesus!
You came down from the highest to the lowest.

Jesus, give me fire, give me love; love to burn me, love to kill me.
I want to live and to die of love.

Jesus, may Your divine love be my life. May it and only it be my death.
Jesus, I want to love You: to love You until insanity, to love You until dying of love.

Jesus, I want to be beloved one, the madness of your love... to be lost in the immensity of your love.

Jesus, I consecrate myself, wholly and forever, to You: I consecrate me wholly and forever to the Dear beloved Mother.
Love Her for me, speak to Her about me. 
Tell Her everything, but everything for me...

Dear Mother, come, come soon: give thanks to Jesus for me.
Tell Him everything, but everything for me...

O Dear Mother, I consecrate myself wholly and forever to You...
May You consecrate me wholly and forever to Jesus... 
Tell Him that I love Him... Tell Him that I belong to Him.
Tell Him that I only want to think of Him, that I only want to speak about Him, that I only want to live for Him. 
Tell Him that You will help Him to crucify me, so
that nothing may remain in my body and my soul to be crucified.
Dear Mother, thank Jesus for me for all the benefits I have received until this moment and for those I trust I shall receive. 

Thank Him for all the tribulations and grief... joys and sadness, tears and smiles, everything which makes me glad and makes me suffer. 
Tell Him that I welcome everything from His divine hands, as proof of His biggest love for me.
Give Him a great thank you, a continuous thank you, perpetual thanks!
O Dear Mother, thank Him for everything I have received and I may receive in the time being and on later in eternity.
The Heaven, the Heaven, Dear Mother, what a great love!
O, how great is my debt to Jesus!

Loose thoughts

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Community of the Servants of Mary of the Sacred Heart

Yesterday came to Balasar the Brazilian couple founder of the Community of the Servants of Mary of the Sacred Heart. The community has already houses in Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia and Rwanda. In the photo, beyond the founding couple, you see at right the author of this blog and behind Fr Lourezo D'Andrea, co-founder of the community.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

English-speaking people in Balasar

On last days came to Balasar people from England and USA (California), as one can see in the pictures below, taken from the register of the visits in the House of Bld Alexandrina. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

An e-mail from Mary's Dowry Productions

New DVD Release – ‘Blessed Francisco of Fatima’.

Using original portrayals and historical imagery, photographs and art, this documentary focuses upon one of the three children of Fatima, who were chosen by God to receive a message for mankind, given by Our Lady over six months in 1917.

Runtime: 30 Minutes. Available in All Region Formats.

New DVD Release – ‘The Shining Pearl of York – St. Margaret Clitherow’.

A shorter production on Saint Margaret Clitherow, known to many as the Pearl of York, this production uses specially portrayed moments of her life and death, historical imagery and facts, artwork, narration and music, this is a powerful resource for an encounter with one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.

Runtime: 25 minutes.  Available in All Region Formats.

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