Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The night of the greatest miracle, of the greatest love of Jesus

At nightfall, I felt reunited with friends. O my God, what happened, what different pictures!
I was Jesus and against my heart felt someone leaning and that someone was me. I was the altar, I was the bread and the wine, I was the chalice from where it was poured, I was the dish from which the food was served. I was Judas. I was all.
I was the sweetness and gentleness of Jesus, I was the despair and betrayal of Judas.
What a night, what holy night, the biggest of all nights, the night of the greatest miracle, of the greatest love of Jesus! His Divine Heart was imprisoned to those who were so dear to Him. To be able to leave, he had to stay among them; to ascend to heaven, had to stay on earth, thus was his Divine Love forced.
I need to clarify all these scenes, but I do not know how.

Sentiments of the Soul, March 8 1945

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Well Known Saints

Mary’s Dowry Productions are pleased to launch 2 new DVDs – Well Known Saints: Volume 5 and Well Known Saints: Volume 6. 
This popular series of DVDs presents the stories of some of our most beloved Saints in the Church in an easy to use format with 7 short films per DVD, each accessible individually from a DVD menu.
Volume 5 tells the stories of Saint Louis de Montfort, Saint Rita, Saint John Bosco, Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint Christopher, Saint Gemma Galgani and Saint John of Avila.
Volume 6 tells the stories of Saint Jean Vianney, Saint Juan Diego, Saint Philomena, Saint Margaret of Scotland, Saint Hildegard of Bingham, Saint Anthony of the Desert and Saint John of the Cross.
Each DVD is available worldwide from our online shop or through and

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy 2014!

As we have been investing much time in the study of the history of Balasar, we’ve rarely found information worthy of appearing on this blog. But we believe that our work is very useful because it provides in-depth knowledge of the parish where Blessed Alexandrina was born, lived and died, that was unknown.
Came out a new issue of the Bulletin of Graces. Was created on Facebook the page "Santuário Alexandrina Balasar".
Our book Balasarenses is being subjected to a comprehensive review work.

To all readers our wishes of a happy 2014.