Tuesday, 27 December 2011

New issue of the Bulletin of Graces

A new number of the journal “Boletim de Graças” (Bulletin of Graces), the 21th, has been released.
The Alexandrina Foundation offers now some services to the pilgrims with guided visits, with programs for one morning, for one afternoon or for one day.
E-mail: fundacao@alexandrinadebalasar.com
Tel. (00351) 252951601 or (00351) 252956100

Friday, 23 December 2011

Look and see, Jesus, the anxieties I have

Look and see, Jesus, the anxieties I have; if it was not for You, they would have taken my life.
I want to be born again, but already knowing You, so that I may never pollute my body.
I want that, along with me, the whole world might be born again and that it, too, might know You so that it would not let itself be polluted.
I want a new heart, but one that has always loved You, and will never stop loving You.
I want the same for every creature, so that each loves You with the same love that I wish for myself.
Sentiments of the S
oul, 45/1/4

Alejandrina. Alma de víctima y de apóstol

We knew that the book by Fr Humberto Alejandrina. Alma de víctima y de apóstol had been published in Spanish by Edibesa, but we had no copy; we get one now. It is an excellent work to present our Beata to Spanish-speaking people.
To escape the assault of those who put in serious danger her chastity, Alexandrina, at age 14, jumped out a home window, falling to the ground from a height of about four meters. The fall caused irreversible damage to the spinal cord. To this was added an incurable myelitis, which worsened the situation by reducing her to immobility.
It was the beginning of a calvary that progressively became a painful mystical experience, reviving in her soul and flesh the Christ's Passion.
After more than 30 years of suffering, she dead in 1955 with 51 years of age. The last 13 years and seven months lived with no other food that the Eucharist, phenomenon rigorously tested and studied by science.
This singular life had profound impact on the whole mystery of Fatima, especially with the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
This book, written by Fr. Umberto Pasquale, her spiritual director, is a reflection of this. It offers a stimulating example for those who suffer, for those who wish to learn about the flowering of holiness in our day, and find the mysterious but real presence of Christ in human life.
Foreword by Archbishop Manuel Monteiro de Castro, titular Archbishop of Benevento, Secretary of the Congregation for Bishops at the Vatican.
A curiosity: there is an Alexandrina’s nice picture taken in 1943 (see below); the book gives this information about it: that day she was with a high fever. A slight swelling beautifies her face.