Sunday, 21 November 2010

The beauty, the refinement and the heroism of Alexandrina’s virtue

Being frequently questioned about Alexandrina, I use to affirm: 

"In my already not short sacerdotal life I treated closely much people, of all categories, but I never found anyone (even religious and priests) so spiritually and humanly perfect, under all aspects, as Alexandrina. Never".

Remembering the frequent contacts that I had with that exceptional soul, illuminating them with the ascetic knowledge that the spiritual readings of my sacerdotal life daily supply to me, I do not reach to discover in her the smallest shade of imperfection. 
More for the opposite, I discover each time better the beauty, the refinement and the heroism of Alexandrina’s virtue. 
I admire every day more and more the wonderful action of God’s grace in that soul. 
If I had to point out the virtue where she more distinguished herself, I would not can to make it, because she did not have one that shone more than the others:  she was excellent in all, in a perfect harmony. 
Even in those that had been more visibly proved: e.g., in the obedience to the ecclesiastical Authority and her directors; in the patience so rudely tested by the illness, or by people who visited her in troublesome way; in the charity with the next one, over all with those who caused her most serious dislikes. 
Her truly giant personality was propped up by a spirit of very convict and evident humility that arose from her lips and more still of her interior attitudes, as easily can be deduced of the intent reading of her daily writings:  by a total indifference of her will, always anxious in searching and fulfilling the will of God with the total resignation of her desires and personal wishes. 
She was a truly and in a whole way consecrated creature to her God, in immolation’s spirit, to repair the offences that continuously are directed him, and to save souls to him, all the souls. Such consecration can’t be explained without an eminent degree of love of God:  insatiable, burning, overwhelming love. 
This love would not be better defined than applying to it the adjective “seraphic”, in the most complete sense of the word. 
Only in the life of the great lovers of God recognized by the Authority of the Church can be found a similar kind of love. 
Even more than the facts, that could cause impression, had been these solid and exceptional virtues that had bound me to Alexandrina:  it was on them that I occupied and I worried taking, in the due time, her defence at the cost of many sorrows. 
It was equally the same reason that took me to demand that she dictated her Feelings of Soul, without which we would ignore her spiritual wealth in its closest aspects and, therefore, most precious. 

Turin (Italy), 2nd July, 1965. 
In fide (in faith). 
Fr Humberto M. Pasquale, S. D. B
(Typewritten document of Balasar Archive)

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