Friday, 30 November 2012

The Bl. Alexandrina DVD on EWTN

I'm told...

"Apparently, the Bl. Alexandrina DVD is being broadcast on EWTN on Sunday 2 Dec, 3:00, 20:00; Thursday 6 Dec, 9:30; Saturday 8 Dec, 11:30 (1 hr).  These are UK times – in USA / other countries it will be different – please check on EWTN website.
ETWN live TV (UK) can be seen online as well: -"

See EWTN website.

Here is the information for the EWTN showing in the USA  -  -

The story of Blessed Alexandrina, who became parylyzed 
after escaping her attackers but with a strong faith in Christ, 
she is given a unique vocation known as a 'Victim Soul.'
Show Day
Show Date
Start Time
01:30 PM

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A portrait of Blessed Alexandrina

Who still remembers the Icon of Blessed Alexandrina? It is kept in Balasar, in tomb-chapel where the remains of Fr Mariano Pinho are.
Few people will remember is that Fr Pier Luigi Cameroni published a book about it, with text in Italian and Portuguese and titled Alexandrina Icona della Pasqua del Signore.
An image of the Portuguese copy of the icon (the original version is Italian) is also in the book of iconograph, Domenica Ghidotti, Nuove Icone per Pregare.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Official website of Blessed Alexandrina

You can already read some information in English and Italian on the new official website of Blessed Alexandrina.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Community of Two Hearts at Balasar

Yesterday came to Balasar a pilgrimage of the Community of Two Hearts. There we could to know Fr. Bing Arellano and offer him a copy of the book Quei Due Cuori.

He is the Spiritual Director for the Alliance of the Two Hearts and also the Spiritual Director of the Alliance of the Holy Family. He has authored more than 200 titles and countless magazine, CD and DVD articles on Marian spirituality. Father Bing appears on the EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) TV program “One in Their Hearts” and on radio, Rome, Italy. See here a letter written and signed by Father Bing which explains in detail the history and theology of the Two Hearts.

Let the love of our hearts be spread all over the world

My daughter, like St. Margaret Mary, I would like to wake the world to this so extinguished love in the men’s hearts.
Wake it more and more.
I would like to offer My love to men.
I would like to be loved by them.
They do not accept Me and they do not love Me.
Through you, I want this love to be spread all over the mankind, as through you, the world was consecrated to My Blessed Mother.
May, beloved wife, the love of our hearts be spread all over the world.

Jesus’s words to Alexandrina

Friday, 2 November 2012

A report of Oporto and Minho at the time Blessed Alexandrina was a child

The report speaks mainly of Oporto, but it is always Portugal of the time when our Beata was a child. Balasar then was officially Minho. Click here.