Friday, 25 November 2011

The Basilica of Fatima, Cardinal Cerejeira, Dr. Fr Sebastião Cruz, a mystic of Salamanca, the Abbot of Singeverga... A fragment of a letter from Alexandrina to Fr Mariano Pinho

The Cardinal is a very close friend. A few days ago he sent me, a few very, very comforting words: he wrote that in inaugurating the Basilica of Fatima he thought of Balasar. He said that he put me on the paten and offered me to the Lord as a victim for sinners. And even more things.
The Archbishop’s secretary, Dr. Sebastião Cruz, brought a canon and professor from Salamanca here. They said that he was very pleased. Dr. Sebastião told me that he always was, and always will be, on my side. It seems to me that it was a mystic who had come from Salamanca, to study my case with him and with the Abbot of Singeverga, who is now already studying the writings.

Letter to Fr Mariano Pinho, November 3, 1953.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Mary and Martha

We knew once a lady who liked to repeat:
- I can die Martha, but I hope to die satiate!
This sentence remembers the Gospel story of Lazarus' resurrection, and more particularly the two sisters of the risen one, Mary and Martha.
Traditionally, Mary, who sits to hear Jesus, and Martha, who is busy with the house work, are seen as images respectively of the contemplative life and active life. It turns out however that the great mystics, like St. Paul or St. Teresa of Avila, were too very active people.
What happened with our mystic Blessed Alexandrina? Did she live locked in her room, forgotten to what was happening in the world?
Not at all. When she died, in Balasar, people told:
- Died the mother of the poor!
And her pastor saw in her his most active cooperator.
She was Mary, but also Martha.
Let’s read therefore these sentences she dictated:

My poor heart,
despite being so bad,
suffers, suffers,
dies for not being able to change itself
into bread and clothes,
into comfort, joy, consolation and balsam
for all those who suffer.
S (16-1-48) 

I would like to be balsam for all the wounds,
consolation for all the sadnesses,
comfort for all the discouragements,
food for all the hunger,
clothes for all the cold,
and remedy for all the evil. 
I am nobody, I am nothing, I am of no value.
S (21-5-48) 

It want to run throughout the world
and to dry all the tears,
to console all the discouraged,
to clothe all the naked,
to feed all the hungry.  
It want to spread over all humanity,
both bodies and souls,
the charity of Christ. 
Oh holy charity of my Lord, how beautiful you are, how you can please and console my Jesus!
S (12-02-48)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Blessed Alexandrina, I want to learn from you!

Many people write about Blessed Alexandrina, other record videos. But often do not have access to the best sources that are naturally her writings. So we put online a little work, prepared by Eugenia Signorile, with the title Blessed Alexandrina, I want learn from you! There you find Alexandrina in her truth.


Let’s see an exhortation of Alexandrina:

O world, o souls, how Jesus loves us! Let us love Him in return!
Our pain is nothing compared with his:
His was an infinite pain, it was the pain of a God become man.
Let us love Him without stopping, let us love Him night and day!
My heart goes out like a little lost bird begging for love, always begging love for Jesus. S (03-05-53)

Let us accept Alexandrina’s invitation!
Let us undertake to repay the love of Jesus so that He can say to us, just as he says to Alexandrina:

You love me when you cry,
when you smile:
You love me in pain and in joy.
You love me in silence or speaking.
You love me in everything.
Day and night, at each moment,
your sufferings and your love
rise up to Heaven.
S (21-03-47)