Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Light and lighthouse of the world

A few months before her death, Alexandrina’s agony was aggravated to an extent that she was no longer able to dictate the story of her mystical experiences. But it is in the last of her diaries (2nd September 1955) that she recollects, as if it were a key of gold, some gorgeous words of the One for whom she had lived:

My abysses are so black and deep that only God could penetrate them.  
And that was what Jesus did.  
He went down into my depths,
with the tender rays of His light He brought my poor being up to the surface and illuminated it: 
- Come here, my daughter,
light and lighthouse of the world!  
You, who are in darkness without equal, are the light that shines,
the lighthouse that illuminates everything.  
The darkness is for you, the light is for souls. 
Come here, light of which I am the light,
lighthouse of which I am the lighthouse! 
Can I not make you shine with My brightness?  
Can I not make you to be a lighthouse,
just as I am The Lighthouse?

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