Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I see my Homeland in the distance

I see my Homeland in the distance:
Heaven waits for me.
I am so far from my Homeland!
When will I be able to see you, Jesus?
When will my day arrive,
the day of my engagement?
Oh, happy day,
when I will be able to see my God for ever,
And enjoy Him eternally,
face to face!

The more time goes by
and death approaches,
the more my heart longs to unite with Jesus.
This yearning is eternal:
only Heaven,
only Jesus can fulfil me.
And here on earth
there is nothing that satisfies my heart;
if I suffer very much for my Jesus and for souls,
the more I want to suffer to console Him
and the more souls there are to be saved.
O happy day, O day of my joy,
of my greatest happiness,
when will you arrive,
when will I be able to sate myself
in my Jesus forever, forever?
O my death, O my true life,
when will you arrive?
Come quickly, come quickly!
Give me Jesus!

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