Saturday, 2 October 2010

It is in an ecstasy of love, leaving from among pains, you will fly to Heaven

Because is coming the 13th of October, let us reflect a little about what were the last moments of the Blessed Alexandrina’s earthly life.
Her friends say she didn't die at that day 13th October 1955, but that "she flew into Heaven." In fact this is what Jesus told her repeatedly.
Let’s see as Eugenia Signorile told her last day in her book For Love Alone!:

At 8 o’clock she received Holy Communion (her last). 
In the morning she received some people, and still did her apostolate work: 
- Good bye, good bye until Heaven! 
Do not sin! The world is worth nothing! This says it all then.  
Receive Holy Communion often! Pray the Rosary every day! 

At 11 o’clock she said to Dr Azevedo:  - It will be soon! He asked her if her “soons” were as those of Jesus. Later he continued: 
- Surely, tomorrow at the 3 o’clock (it would be Friday, the hour of the ecstasy), Jesus still wants to speak to you. 
She managed a faint smile. 
At 11:25am she said: 
- I am very happy because I am going to Heaven! 
The doctor added:  
- In Heaven pray much for us. 
She indicated that she would.   

At 11:35am she asked for the prayers for the dying to be recited. 
At 7pm she was still saying: - I am going to Heaven! 
At 7:30pm she exclaimed: - I am going to Heaven! 
Deolinda replied: - But not yet!
She answered: - It is, is! 
At 8:29pm she died. 
She had stayed perfectly lucid until the last instant.   

Exactly what Jesus had predicted to her in December 1944 was confirmed: 

It is in an ecstasy of love, leaving from among pains, you will fly to Heaven. S (29-12-44)

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