Wednesday, 9 December 2015


At the school of Jesus

Alexandrina spend 30 years in bed. In the beginning she nurtured the hope of being healed, asking Our Lady of Fatima who appeared at the Cova de Iria ten years before; but what she received was a love of suffering.
In the meantime Jesus called her to his school and she found that the guiding motto of her life would be to suffer, to love, to make reparation.
Jesus invited her to his crucifixion and she accepted the offer boldly, without hesitation.
Jesus then led her to the highest summits of the mystical life and made her the loftiest promises for her role in the world and in the Church.

It was in September 1934 that I understood it was the voice of our Lord and not a fantasy, as I had thought. Then he asked me and said:
- Give me your hands, that I want to crucify; give me your feet, that I want to nail with mine; give me your heart, that want to pierce with a spear, as mine was pierced. Consecrate me your whole body; offer yourself all to me!

- Give me your blood for the sins of the world. Help me in my rescue mission.
Without me you can do nothing; with me ye shall have power to save sinners and many, many things (LtFP[1], 03/01/35).

Bld Alexandrina in 1935.

[1] Letters to Fr Pinho. Fr Mariano Pinho was Alexandrina’s first spiritual director.

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