Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The last moments of earthly life of Blessed Alexandrina

In the biography of Blessed Alexandrina For Love Alone!, Eugenia Signorile collects this testimony of Dr. Irene de Azevedo, daughter of Dr. Azevedo (dear friend who often had written, instead of Deolinda, what Alexandrina dictated to her diaries), about the last moments of earthly life of the biographed: 
One of the last photographs of Blessed Alexandrina. 
We had the sensation that in that room of pain something tremendously great and mysterious was happening: that the last moments had arrived for a victim who had been asked for a great reparation.
Standing next to her, I tried to give to her a little consolation by wetting her dry lips. I did not dare to speak to her, for fear of increasing her suffering (...)
She insistently asked that God take her quickly to Heaven: it was the only prayer worthy of her. (...) What an expression she had! Holy resignation to the will of God, but suffering to the point of terror, such suffering that a soul can only undergo with the grace and a great help of the Lord.
Since then I have an idea of what the Passion and Death of the Lord would have been. (...) Contemplating her most painful face, I seemed to hear the phrase of Jesus:
“Father, why have you abandoned me?”
Everything was consummated.

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