Tuesday, 28 October 2014

March 29, 1945, Holy Thursday

It's already night and my soul feels as never before that it is the night of love, that it is the most holy of nights. Jesus will depart yet He wants to stay among us. What an entanglement of love, what are the ties of His Heart to the hearts of those who are dear to Him! What anxiety between going and staying!
My heart experiences all this. I am bread, I am wine, I am the host, I am the tabernacle.
What a rich night, what beautiful night! The angels descended from heaven to worship so great a mystery.

But, oh, what awaits Jesus! What treachery, what false traps surround Him!
I see Gethsemane, I see the blood: everything is silent, so that only Jesus hears and feels.
And what unconcern of those beloved of His Heart! Little do they understand the pain and grief of Jesus.

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