Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Let’s see an exhortation of Alexandrina:

O world, o souls, how Jesus loves us! Let us love Him in return!
Our pain is nothing compared with his:
His was an infinite pain, it was the pain of a God become man.
Let us love Him without stopping, let us love Him night and day!
My heart goes out like a little lost bird begging for love, always begging love for Jesus. S (03-05-53)

Let us accept Alexandrina’s invitation!
Let us undertake to repay the love of Jesus so that He can say to us, just as he says to Alexandrina:

You love me when you cry,
when you smile:
You love me in pain and in joy.
You love me in silence or speaking.
You love me in everything.
Day and night, at each moment,
your sufferings and your love
rise up to Heaven.
S (21-03-47)

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