Friday, 25 November 2011

The Basilica of Fatima, Cardinal Cerejeira, Dr. Fr Sebastião Cruz, a mystic of Salamanca, the Abbot of Singeverga... A fragment of a letter from Alexandrina to Fr Mariano Pinho

The Cardinal is a very close friend. A few days ago he sent me, a few very, very comforting words: he wrote that in inaugurating the Basilica of Fatima he thought of Balasar. He said that he put me on the paten and offered me to the Lord as a victim for sinners. And even more things.
The Archbishop’s secretary, Dr. Sebastião Cruz, brought a canon and professor from Salamanca here. They said that he was very pleased. Dr. Sebastião told me that he always was, and always will be, on my side. It seems to me that it was a mystic who had come from Salamanca, to study my case with him and with the Abbot of Singeverga, who is now already studying the writings.

Letter to Fr Mariano Pinho, November 3, 1953.

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