Thursday, 21 July 2011

You are my star

- I was born in the manger of your heart, my daughter. It is the Spouse who comes to His beloved, it is the King who comes to His queen.
I am the King of Heaven and earth. How good it is for me to be here, O queen of love!
The crib you give me is not rough like Bethlehem, is soft with your virtues. In your crib I do not feel the rigors of cold, I warmed up and burn with the purest love.
You are my star, the star that guides the world as it once guided the Magi on the road to Bethlehem.
Say, my daughter, to all who care for you, to those who are dear to you, who love and surround you that I give them an abundance of my graces, the fullness of my Divine Love, a place reserved in my Heart with the divine promise of Heaven.
I did not see the Child Jesus, but as he told me I was alongside a large palm tree and angels, hundreds or thousands of angels, many of them with their instruments, came down from above and surrounded me. It was delightful the haste with which they descended. Among them was a large staircase; numerous golden rays came down to me from all the steps. They were like arrows to pierce my chest. And Jesus told me:
- It's your virtues, they are rays of divine love. Receive, they are your life.
Sentiments of the Soul, Christmas 1944

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