Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Francis of Assisi - a new DVD Docudrama

Here is one of history’s most intriguing and challenging characters – the little monk of Assisi – Francesco di Bernardoni, portrayed in a new and absorbing docudrama as seen through his own eyes.  Nobleman, soldier and founder of the Franciscan Order, the world knows him today as St. Francis of Assisi.  Journey back into 12th Century Italy and enter upon a dramatic and unforgettable adventure with ‘The King of Feasts’.  Meet Francis as the spoiled son of a rich merchant and walk with him through his story of war, pain, rejection, love, passion, Faith, hope and inspiration. 
If you love history, the visuals of this docudrama will certainly satisfy for the rich costumed portrayals and the atmosphere of Medieval Italy are seeped into the drama of the story.  Filmed on locations in West Sussex including the Weald and Downland Museum near Chichester, the rustic, stark yet rich authenticity of the era is captured in an array of varying visuals.  A subtle yet powerful blend of historical and relevant imagery includes maps of Assisi and Rome, interspersed with famous and striking works of art that have brought this little poor man of Italy into the imaginations and thoughts of many throughout the centuries.  Francis is a conspicuous and remarkable man whose unique life and message stands firm and powerful today.  Francis of Assisi is available worldwide on DVD in all region formats from our online shop at It is priced at £12.99.  The correct region format for your country will be sent out to you upon your order.

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