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Two lovely stories on Blessed Alexandrina

A man released from drug addiction

Grace obtained through the intercession of Blessed Alexandrina.

Celle Ligure, 07/26/78

I had received as an employee a young man who was addicted to drugs, but animated by good will to get rid of the habit.
For two months, I realized that he continued to use drugs, so that he seemed beyond the point of recovery. I prayed for him. I held him very dear because he was a very young man, and because many wept on seeing him in this state.
One day, in the evening, knowing that he was about injecting heroin again, I turned in despair to the aid of Alexandrina. The next morning, I saw him coming towards me all serene. He fell into my arms sobbing that, without knowing how, had thrown away the syringe and the powder he had already prepared, and that thereafter he wanted to remain free of them.
Since then several months have passed and the boy is almost healed. The pastor, who had always supported me in this case, asked me, “How did you do it?”
“I had learned of a saint, Alexandrina Maria da Costa, and I entrusted this boy to her. It was she who saved him. I find no other explanation, because this is a great miracle.

Savona, Italy.  
M. P. Testa

The bull calf that knelt before Blessed Alexandrina

Fr Umberto tells:

When Alexandrina was alive, the family sold doctor Dr. Manuel Augusto Dias de Azevedo - a name we venerate - a bull calf to help subsidize the cost of their house in which, as we know, there were many difficulties. Alexandrina had not seen the herd since the death of her uncle. On the day of the sale she showed a desire to see the young bull before it left.
To accede to her wish they decided to take the animal into the patient’s room, but realized that precautions must be taken that it would not upset the bed and injure the patient.
So those present surrounded the bed to protect Alexandrina.
But what was the astonishment of all when the animal appeared and, once inside, went down on his knees in total calm and serenity!
It seemed to have been taught,” the witnesses said.
After a good while Alexandria thanked the cowhand and said, “Now you can take it away.”
The bull stood up in all meekness and left.

And Fr Humberto, accustomed to the demands of historical criticism, authenticated the report, made ​​in August 1978, with the names of the witnesses:
Luciano Domingues de Azevedo, Jose Pereira da Silva Costa, Ana Domingues de Azevedo, Deolinda D. Azevedo, D. Joaquina Azevedo, Rita Domingues de Azevedo.

This detail is uplifting and inspiring and reminds us of that other renowned mystic, immortal in the history of the Church and Italy, the stigmatized S. Francis of Assisi.

Gabriel Bosco in Bulletin of Grace July-December 1978

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