Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My daughter, in whom is written all that is divine

- My daughter, unite your pain with mine, knead it into the love of my Divine Heart. I knead mine into yours. Love Me, you are loved by Me, you are safe full of riches, a repository of divine gifts.
My daughter, dear angel, your pain went to adorn the mantel and crown your Blessed Mother gave you. What light, what brilliance it was given! It is the pain of glory, it is the pain of salvation. It is the sea of ​​martyrdom, the sea of ​​immolation.
My daughter, heavenly garden of divine flowers, sweet meadow that grazes sinners, feed them with grace, purity and love. Keep them, guide them, divine shepherdess, shepherdess chosen by Jesus. Purify them, purify them for Me, guide them, drive them towards to my Divine Heart.
My daughter, mistress of the divine sciences, hold what was deposited in your heart by Me and My Blessed Mother eight days ago: it is the world, they are sinners. It is infinite value, it is my divine Blood. They are souls saved by your pain. This desire of wanting to guard, and not knowing how to, is torment that will consume you until your death, it will increase day by day.
My daughter, in whom is written all that is divine: in you they will learn to love, in you they will learn to suffer, in you they will learn to know how I communicate with souls. They do not know, they do not study what is written. This negligence of theirs causes so much hurt to my Divine Heart!
Have courage! Who suffers with me wins. How many tears of regret they will cry seeing that your name, now so disdained, is with Me and my blessed Mother on earth and will be glorified in heaven!
Come, my blessed Mother, come to comfort my, and your daughter, come and cover her with your caresses.
The Heavenly Mother came soon, took me to her bosom, hugged me with tenderness of love, kissed me, caressed me and told me:
- My daughter, queen chosen by Me and my divine Son, you will be in heaven on a throne by my side, and the side, of my Divine Son, as queen. I as Queen of Heaven and you as queen of earth.
- My Mother - Jesus said - feed her, give her your life, the life of the soul which she always lived, and the life of the body which she needs.
The Heavenly Mother began to breathe on me with her most holy lips joined to mine. I felt strong in soul and body. Jesus did the same, he breathed on me and caressed me. Then He continued:
- My daughter, with my Blessed Mother I am giving you that comfort that you should receive from men. When years ago I said I would be your director, I was referring to these times; it was not separate you from your director (Padre Pinho). Yes, I needed him in union with Me to guide you ant take you to the heights that divine my love requires. I already saw the cruelty and persecution of men.
Courage! Your name that you feel has been disparaged, soon will be talked of with respect, and praised along with mine.
- Thanks for ever, my Jesus. The more things You tell me the more miserable and wretched I feel before You.

Thy way, Mother of Jesus,
Gives me comfort to carry the Cross.
To carry the Cross in this bitterness,
Amid the darkness, in so much dryness.
O Mother of Jesus, give me your love,
To love your and my Lord with it!

Sentiments of the Soul, December 15, 1944

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