Thursday, 27 January 2011

"You are queen of sinners, you are queen of the world"

At the same time my Heavenly Mother came on my right side and took me into Her arms. She asked me for courage on behalf of Her divine Son.
- Cheer up, my daughter, cheer up, I beg you on behalf of my love, and of yours, and of my Jesus. Accept, suffer everything, comfort His divine heart wounded by the sins of the world.
Look, dear daughter, I come to confirm the words of my divine Son.
You are queen of sinners, you are queen of the world. Accept my holy Mantle, it is yours, stand in my place. Wrap yourself in it, put around you those who you love and who most closely share your pain. Those who share it, and care for the cause of my loved Jesus are dear to your heart, and to mine, and to that of my blessed Son. Those who we most closely associate with your suffering are those who we want to purify. Later wrap all sinners in it. You can cover the whole world with my Mantle; there is enough room for everyone.
Accept my crown, you are crowned by Me: you are queen.
My God, how humbled I felt!
How small I was, how insignificant next to our Heavenly Mother! How embarrassed I felt when she placed Her holy Mantle on my shoulders, and a crown on my head, the queenly crown which She took from Her most holy head to put on mine.
Heavenly Mother, Heavenly Mother, what shame I have before You and Jesus! I am not worthy of such things. Oh, how great my misery!
- Courage, daughter, do not be ashamed.
You are purified by the suffering and by the Blood of your Jesus which have cleansed everything; you are as white as ermine.
The brightness of your purity and of your virtues illuminates the world, your perfume radiates around it.
Fill yourself, receive love. It is mine; it is of Jesus.
The love, affection and caresses you receive from Us attract souls to you.
Give everything to those who you love in our name. 
Fill yourself to save the world. Fill yourself, it's yours, it belongs to you, save it.
Our Heavenly Mother and Jesus flooded me with love and after Their tender caresses, they departed.
I was more alive and more joyful.
As time passes the joy evaporates, and liveliness becomes subdued but I continue to shout and cry forever:
- I love Jesus and our Heavenly Mother, I want what They want!

Sentiments of the Soul, 1944-12-2

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