Saturday, 1 January 2011

“I wanted to be born now…”

Those who came to Calvary asking the intercession of Blessed Alexandrina for some particular grace, invariably heard this advice: "Pray, I also pray".
In this time, when in the traditionally Catholic countries the Church is not highly thought of, and people and institutions and governments, insist on straying from it; in this time when countries with no Catholic tradition are engaged in an absurd violence against Her; in this time when the crisis of priestly and religious vocations reach proportions of great severity, we must also rely confidently on our Beata: pray, as she prayed and continues to pray for us. It must be a program to be taken up by all at the beginning of this new year.
Let’s look up some of the desires that Blessed Alexandrina, praying to Jesus, expressed in early 1945 (Diary of January 4):

I wanted to be born now, but to know already You, never to tarnish my body.
I wanted, with me, to be born the whole world and that the whole world knew You too, so it was never tarnish.
I wanted a new heart, that had always loved Thee to never stop loving You.
I want the same for all creatures, so that they love Thee with the same love I desire for me.
Where shall I hide myself and hide the world?
Where will I purify myself and purify the world except in You?
Hide me, purify me.

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