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 “More than a century ago I showed the Cross in this beloved earth”

In the colloquy of 5th December 1947, Jesus said to Bld Alexandrina:

You are my victim, to you I have entrusted the highest mission. And as proof of this, listen carefully to what I say so that you will how to repeat it.
Almost a century ago I sent to this privileged parish the cross as a sign of your crucifixion.  I did not send a cross of roses, because the cross didn’t grow roses, only thorns; nor was it of gold, because your virtues and your heroism would be the precious stones that would decorate it.  The cross was of earth, because it was from the earth that the cross grew. 
The cross was prepared; it lacked the victim, but already in the divine mind it had been chosen; that victim was you. 
Evil has increased, the wave of sin has reached its high point, the victim must be immolated; you came, the world’s sacrificial lamb. 
And now you will leave earth for Heaven, but the cross will remain until the end of the world, and it will always be mine. 
It was human perversity that prepared mine, and it was the same human perversity that prepared yours. 
Oh, how admirable are the designs of the Lord!  How great and admirable they are!  How many delights they have! 

Eight years later, on 21st January 1955, He insisted:

More than a century ago I showed a cross to this beloved land, a cross awaiting a victim.  Everything is proof of love! 
Oh, Balasar, if you do not respond to me... 
Cross of earth for the victim who was taken from nothing, the victim chosen by God and who always existed in the eyes of God!
The victim of the world, but so enriched with heavenly graces, who has given all for Heaven and who, for love of souls, accepts all!
Trust, believe, my daughter!  I am here.  Repeat your "I believe".  Trust! 

The Signoriles, in the prologue of their book Figlia del dolore, madre di amore, after giving a full description of Balasar in a chapter headed, "The Cross and the Crucified", write: 

For some years after 1832, Balasar was place of pilgrimage to honour a Cross which had appeared mysteriously in the earth, a few meters from the actual church.  To protect this Cross a Chapel, which still exists, was built. It has the date 1832 carved into the rock lintel of the door. During these years a Brotherhood was formed to promote a feast of the Holy Cross of Balasar.   
Little more than a century later, Balasar has come to be the object of numerous pilgrimages:  the people are attracted by the fame of Alexandrina Maria da Costa, who lived here, "crucified", for many years. 

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