Monday, 6 December 2010

Mary’s Dowry Productions - launch of the Blessed Alexandrina DVD (1)

......................................... By Kevin Rowles

On Saturday 4th December 2010 – a First Saturday of Our Lady – Mary’s Dowry Productions launched their new DVD on Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa.   A review of the DVD has already been published here.   
The event took place at ‘The Barn’, which is the Parish Hall of the Catholic Church of the English Martyrs at Goring-on-Sea, Worthing, in West Sussex.  Bad weather, including rain and snow, was affecting much of the country, but despite this, people still came to support this unique occasion.  The hall is next to the Church of the English Martyrs, which is well-known in the United Kingdom for having an awe-inspiring reproduction of the Sistine Chapel on its ceiling, which was painted by permanent Deacon Gary Bevans, who is the father of Bernadette and Emily Jane Bevans, who run Mary’s Dowry Productions. 

The Bevans sisters ran the day as a double event.  It started at 2pm as a traditional Christmas Fayre, with food and various stalls and features.   The Bevans sisters had an impressive stall for the Mary’s Dowry Production DVD’s, CD’s, books and devotional items.  The new Blessed Alexandrina DVD was on sale and was a source of great interest.

Pictures (from top to bottom):
  1. The ceiling of the Church of the English Martyrs, by Deacon Gary Bevans.
  2. The Mary’s Dowry Productions stall
  3. Bernadette and Emily Jane Bevans with copies of their Blessed Alexandrina DVD

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