Friday, 26 October 2012

Yours is a wonderful and prodigious life, O dear daughter!

The dome of the sky fell on me all cotton padded, and from it came the angels with instruments. I heard their wonderful songs. I did not understand them well, but I know that they were in honor of the Blessed Sacrament. I heard the words of Corpus Domini Jesu Christi, and felt that Jesus gave Himself to me and held me closer and closer to Him. The angels continued to sing; from among them came a powerful path directly to me, from it fell flames of fire and lots and lots of things, all were for me. Then Jesus began to say to me:
- This conduit, my daughter, is the Heart of your and my Blessed Mother: from it you receive our love in the greatest abundance; from it you receive our graces, virtues and gifts, divine riches and all that belongs to heaven. From it you receive life to live, life to give to souls. This is the dew, the blood that falls on mankind. It is a mixture that I make of my wealth, of my graces, with your pain. You are the new redeemer. I pass all for you through the channel of my Blessed Mother. It is through you, with Her, that the world is saved.
Do not grieve, my daughter, for not receiving Me in the Eucharist. The more you are humiliated and the more my divine cause is fought, the greater are the wonders I work in you. My divine science always has graces to give you and you, my beautiful dove, you always have sufferings to offer. Since your pain and your martyrdom are unique, so is my love unique, and my wonders in you. Lights are confusing to those who cannot see them clearly. Yours is a wonderful and prodigious life, O dear daughter! You are the dew which fertilizes and gives life. You belong to Jesus, You belong to souls. You're the little ball of Jesus, you are the ball of my entertainments, of my charms, just as you are the little ball of appealing charm for sinners. You belong to Jesus and you belong to them. You're a victim whose love enchants heaven, you are victim who gives life moment by moment for humanity. Receive all this divine life, give it to the hungry world, give it to the world in danger. I deliver it to you, unto you I entrust it. I, Jesus, have all confidence in you. I trust as much as you love me, as you love souls. You are rich with me, with me you save them, with me and my Blessed Mother. Go, my gardener, go to my plantation. Go to give, go to distribute.
Sentiments of the Soul, February 2, Friday, 1945

Corpus Domini Jesu Christi and not Corpus Domini nostri Jesu Christi (as priests said) because was Jesus Himself who gave his Body.
Corpus Domini nostri Jesu Christi: Body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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