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Blessed Alexandrina's Feast Day - October 13th

Tomorrow, October 13th, as well as being the anniversary of Our Lady's Apparition and the Solar Miracle at Fatima, is also the feast day of mystic and victim soul Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa. 

Please pray for her Canonization.

Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa official novena prayer

O Jesus, who art pleased with simple and humble persons, who are so often ignored, forgotten and despised by men, raise to the glory of Thy altars Thy humble Servant Alexandrina, who always desired to live hidden from the world and aloof from its vanities and praises.
Thou well knowest, Lord Jesus, how in our times there is need of lessons in holiness, which is the true fulfillment of every human and Christian vocation and, consequently, the elevation of a creature to the supreme height of moral beauty.
Invest then, O Jesus, Thy Servant with the immortal halo of glory and hear our prayers, which we through her intercession offer to Thee; especially grant us the favour which we ask ( mention your petition) if it be for the honour of Thy Blessed Name, the glory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the salvation of sinners, on whose behalf the pious Alexandrina so wholly and generously offered herself a victim. Amen.

Nihil Obstat
Braga, 14th April 2005
P. Manuel Moreira da Costa Santos
Imprimi potest
Braga, 14th April 2005
D. Jorge da Costa Ortiga + Archbishop of Braga

Blessed Alexandrina, intercede for us!
Alexandrina Society (Ireland):

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