Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The highest praise?

In the ecstasy of January 28, 1945 there is a praise from Jesus to Blessed Alexandrina. While it is common Jesus to praise her, the terms - poetic, as always - with which this time He does it are no longer so common. Will be this the highest praise He gave her?
Attention too to the wide promises contained in Jesus’ words.

Then Jesus came, so full of tenderness and love for me:
- My daughter, divine tabernacle, tabernacle where I live, prison of sweetness and love! I have bound My Heart to yours, tied them together in bonds of the holiest love; they captured me, your charming bonds captured me, bright bonds, bonds of pure and fine gold.
My spouse, my spouse, nothing can separate us, nothing can sever the matrimonial ties that bind us.
O my beautiful dove, my queen, my palace! Queen of the Heavenly King, palace of His dwelling!
My daughter, life of love, tongue of praise, angelic purity! Through you the world will be cleansed; through your tongue the world shall praise me, by your seraphic love, the world will love me.
O dove, O beautiful one, O divine garden: you are the garden, I the gardener! You are a garden of virtues, of charms, you have enchanted my heart. You are and will always be the charmer of sinners.
- Yes, yes, my Jesus, I want it – to enchant them for you, no matter what, my love. I beg the great favor of shutting them all in Your Divine Heart; I do not want any soul to perish, no, I do not want that, my Jesus.
I do not deny You suffering, do not deny me souls.
- Sweet daughter, my darling, heroine of the world, unparalleled heroine, equally unique is your pain, your love! You are rich, you are powerful.
In you I prepared a strong arsenal with weapons of war; not weapons or destructive fire but an armoury of the most heroic virtues, of the most angelic purity, of the love of the Cherubim and the Seraphim.
In you I stored what nations stockpile to fight wars. The weapons I placed in you are not only to combat Portugal, but the whole world. You will fight, my daughter, and you will win.
Your role in heaven and on the earth will always be identified with the divine armament I keep in you; and you, o white dove, O angelic dove, you gathered it in yourself, embraced it in suffering, hugged it in love.
You, my beloved spouse, are a new gospel, just as you are the new redeemer!
New gospel, in which is written, recorded and preserved the life of Christ crucified. A life of pain, a life of love, a life of madness for souls, a life of charity, a life of the science and doctrines of Christ the Redeemer.
I identified you with Myself, portrayed you in Me, O dear victim, O innocent savior of this happy Calvary! Save souls for me, put them under the mantle which was given to you by my blessed Mother.
Courage, daughter! As much as I love you, that much I identified you with Myself. And because I identified you with Me, like me you are slandered, persecuted and despised. Fear not! Days of brilliant sunshine are approaching, a sun which will never be darkened, light that will never fade!
The cause is mine, victory is certain. This my cause will be destroyed when my church, my doctrine is destroyed for all time. (i.e. never.)
Rest, my little daughter, rest in my divine arms. Do you suffer a lot? Do you suffer the utmost? It is my divine love. Rejoice, many souls are saved. Take comfort in my Divine Heart.
I felt I was in the arms of Jesus, and that by Him I was much caressed. I felt the tenderness of His Divine Heart and His compassion for my sufferings. He had me in His divine arms for a few hours. It reminded me of a mother who doesn’t abandon her baby when it is dying. I suffered a lot, to be sure, but I was comforted by the gifts of Jesus and His tender caresses.
It humbles me, it terrifies me, so much kindness of Jesus.

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