Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tell them to love me

I want, dearest daughter, that you speak of the cross, of the love of suffering – in that salvation comes through this – and of the Eucharist, which is the sign of my infinite love and the food of the souls.
Tell them to love me and to live united to me in all their labors. And when alone in their rooms, whether at night or during the day, that they fall (spiritually) on their knees and with inclined heads repeat many times:
Jesus, I adore you in all the places where you dwell sacramentally.I will keep you company, to make up for all those who despise you.I will love you, for those who don’t love you.I will make satisfaction for all those who offend you.Jesus, come to dwell in my heart.
These moments will be for me occasions of great joy and consolation.
How many crimes they commit against me in the Eucharist!
Sentiments of the Soul, 2-10-48

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