Friday, 20 April 2012

Anniversary of the beatification

There are times when we received the email that we take the liberty to put online:

Dear friends and devotes of Blessed Alexandrina
On April 25, at Balasar, we will be celebrating the 8th anniversary of the beatification of our beloved Alexandrina Maria da Costa.
The Masses and other ceremonies will be transmitted over the Internet.
If unable to attend, you can follow us through the sites or
Our site is being prepared, but it will not be completed on April 25 as originally scheduled. However, it will broadcast the ceremonies and we expect that within a short time we will be able to publish the official site of the cause of Blessed Alexandrina.

If you love me, if you're all mine, do not refuse me what I ask you: be my victim. The reward that I give you is heaven, and soon you're going in.
Ask your spiritual father so that he preaches that I be visited and loved the Holy Eucharist: it’s Jesus who asks.
Let people ask all they want before me: there is the remedy for all ills (03/04/1935, quoted from Letters to Father Mariano Pinho, 08/04/1935).

This fire you feel in yourself is the fire of my love ... It is the divine medicine (Pasquale, H., Beata Alexandrina, p. 264).

Best wishes.

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