Thursday, 26 April 2012

8th Anniversary of the Beatification

Eight years passed already over April 25 2004, when Pope John Paul II, at Saint Peter's Square, proclaimed the Servant of God Alexandrina Maria da Costa as Beata. It was a day almost like yesterday, with cloudy skies.
Since then, much has been done in order to disclose her: big part of her work and lots of other related information are online, were made translations into foreign languages, books were published in several countries. But there is still much to do until she enters the main door of the colleges of theology and her fundamental message becomes popular.
On yesterday feast, we note as very positive on-line transmission of the events at Balasar. It allowed us for example to hear the excellent homily of Fr Dario Pedroso in the Eucharist at 10am.
In the afternoon, we participated in the worship hour and enjoyed very much the texts selected for meditation.
From what we saw in Live Stream, the transmission seems not to have aroused the waited enthusiasm, perhaps for lack of information. It also seems that must have English subtitles.
We look forward to the new Official Website.

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