Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Repent, sinners, don’t offend Jesus anymore! Heaven is so beautiful!

My soul waits for further trials, my heart for new attacks coming to wound it. I am full of fear. What is awaiting me! What more is to come, my Jesus? I am tired of so much suffering. The body is faint, but the will is ready; it sighs and wants nothing but Your divine will, Lord.
Yesterday I began to feel, and today I feel even more, what seems an almost unbearable craving to save the world. So great is the madness and love I feel for souls that I want to give all of myself for them. I want to sacrifice all and willingly let myself to be immolated to save them. I would like to have a dagger in my hand and to open so deep a wound in my heart with it as to give me enough blood to write all over the earth: "Repent, sinners, don’t offend Jesus anymore! Heaven is so beautiful! And He created it for you to go there”.
I wanted to go on my knees, or on crutches, to every corner of the world to leave these words, written by me and with my blood, prominently displayed. Not an inch of earth would be left without these letters: "Repent, repent, sinners”.
I do not know what else I can do, my Jesus, for Thee and for souls.
Sentiments of the Soul, 11/12/1944

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