Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Growing devotion to Blessed Alexandrina

Father Casado Neiva stated that "it’s necessary that people come here and stay longer so they can internalize and experience Alexandrina’s message".
It is by thinking in this dimension of inner growth, that the Spirituality Centre of Alexandrina Maria da Costa is going to be born, which, according to this priest, will allow people to take more from Balasar than they have so far achieved.
On the other hand, thinking of the reception of so many thousands of people, Father Casado Neiva also points to the construction of the Parish Reception Centre.
Both structures will be built close together and will "complement” each other, said the pastor.
With "some signs" that may be emerging, of a new miracle which might lead to the Beata's Canonization in the Church, Father Casado Neiva confirms "the devotion which, for some time, has been considered universal”, giving as evidence the example of the recent letters received from devotees in the Philippines, Ghana, Brazil and Italy. Diário do Minho, 26/04/2011

Note - This information is neither on Diário do Minho on line neither on the Ecclesia’s website.

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