Saturday, 17 March 2018


In recent years we have been writing and publishing our historical monograph on Balasar. The following small volumes are published:

Balasarenses (on remarkable people from Balasar, 2014).
Balasar Antiga (Ancient Balasar, 2014, 2nd edition in 2017).
Balasar no Século de D. Benta (Balasar in the Century of D. Benta, 2015).
A Santa Cruz de Balasar e o Cisma Liberal (The Holy Cross of Balasar and the Liberal Schism, 2017).
Balasar no Caminho da Modernidade (Balasar on the Way to Modernity, 2017).

You can find the list of these and other our publications here.
Now we are preparing the last volume that will have title A Balasar da Alexandrina (The Balasar of Alexandrina) and that is expected to be launched next summer.

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