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Tribute to Eugénie Signorile and Leo Madigan (2)


A short synthesis of practical passages from Alexandrina’s work


Chapter I

For those who suffer 
My poor heart, despite being so bad, suffers, suffers, dies for not being able to change itself into bread and clothes, into comfort, joy, consolation and balsam for all those who suffer. S (16-1-48)

I would like to be balsam for all the wounds, consolation for all the sadnesses, comfort for all the discouragements, food for all the hunger, clothes for all the cold, and remedy for all the evil.
I am nobody, I am nothing, I am of no value. S (21-5-48)

It want to run throughout the world and to dry all the tears, to console all the discouraged, to clothe all the naked, to feed all the hungry.
It want to spread over all humanity, both bodies and souls, the charity of Christ.
Oh holy charity of my Lord, how beautiful you are, how you can please and console my Jesus! S (12-02-48)

For those who make her suffer 
I want to resemble Jesus; I want, no matter what it may cost, to pray always, always for those who wound me. S (28-2-47)

When the thorns penetrate me deeply, when the contradictions and the humiliations paralyse me, I say:
“Blessed be the Lord! May everything be for Your love and for the salvation of souls.
My vengeance, my Jesus, will be to beg You on earth and in Heaven for mercy for all who cause me suffering”. S (25-07-52)

I love those who love me, I love the just ones and the sinners, I love all those who wound me, because in all I see Jesus and all I love for Jesus’ love.
Good bye, oh world! Don’t be more ungrateful, don’t sin any more!
I go to Jesus, but I go on looking after you. S (01-11-45)

I am resigned: I receive everything as a gift from Heaven and I see in all who make to me suffer the image of Jesus, and so I forgive all. C (20-03-46)

My Jesus, accept from me what reparation is necessary.
I accept, I want to suffer for everybody, friends or enemies. It does not matter which to me: they are children of Your holy blood; I want to save them all. S (31-01-47)   

For everybody: the smile 
In all Alexandrina’s photographs she appears with a smile: Her smile is her constant characteristic. We think that she will be remembered throughout the centuries as “the saint of the smile”.  Jesus insisted that she always smiled, even in pain: 
Give me your pain hidden in a smile, and in love. S (09-12-49) 
Smile when in pain, so that I can smile when I judge the sinners. S (08-12-50)
… hide the martyrdom of your soul with your smile, as much as you can.
It is with your smile, or rather, with my smile that is on your lips, that you transmit the good, a great good, the maximum good for a so vast a number of souls.
I am in your heart with the Father and the Holy Spirit; I speak throughout your lips and I smile with your lips. S (08-02-52)

And Alexandrina obeyed, sometimes with heroic effort while undergoing atrocious suffering.
Oh, my pain, oh my soul’s sufferings!  I suffer suffering and I suffer smiling. S (07-09-45)

Jesus commands me to suffer with joy. S (02-11-46)

I smile for all, but my smile is deceiving: it is for hiding the great anguish that I have in my soul. C (18-06- 46)

All my body was a living wound; my head, a fountain of blood.
The soul went on crying, while my lips went on smiling, comforting and advising. To all (the endless visits of curiosity seekers) I subjected myself, conquering my repugnance, for Jesus’ love. S (26-05-50)

I smile for all, while the soul cries. It seems me that I am deceiving everybody, in every sense: I a face of joy and gladness, but my happiness and joy are only in the suffering and the fulfilment of the Lord’s will. S (29-08-47)

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