Saturday, 26 July 2014

Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Guardian Angel

I was plunged in unspeakable bitterness, pain drowned me. After telling Jesus that I did not want to sin, I repeated often: "Jesus, Mary, Joseph." I heard a voice saying to me:
- O victim, O beloved spouse of Jesus, I am your Guardian Angel, the angel chosen by Jesus to support you and defend you, to serve you and to guide you. I come in the name of the same Jesus to tell you that you have not sinned, and to take you to your customary position.
I was soon on my pillow and, even after so great an affirmation, the pain and the fear of having sinned continued. I didn’t cease to invoke the sweet names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, not with the wish of any vision, because I wasn’t thinking of that, but because I am used to invoking these holy names hundreds of times a day, even in silence, when others are present. 
I do not know how many times I had repeated the names, when I saw in front of me Jesus, Mary, Joseph, all three sitting. Jesus was in the middle. The house in which they lived was modest but it was illuminated by the glow that came out of them. Oh, how beautiful it was!
Sentiments of the Soul, March 22, 1945

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