Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Come, my daughter, to receive further proof of my espousal with you

December 29

- My Jesus, give me the pain that I love so much, give me the purification I so much desire. Keep me in Your heart, and in the heart of your, and my, dear Heavenly Mother. Hear my soul crying in continual agony with the pain it feels and with longing to deliver the world to Thee. I wanted to see the world in my hands, to give unto You as the priest sees the Sacred Host in his hands and offers it to the Eternal Father.
Jesus, look at me, look at my agonizing cravings to love You, and humanity, and immolate me as you please. I wanted to tell You so many things, but as I know nothing, I can say nothing.
In the midst of these anxieties Jesus came:
- My daughter, Earth Angel, sweet flower, white flower of Paradise: come, my daughter, to receive further proof of my espousal with you, my marital union.
At this moment Jesus took my hand, kissed me and caressed me and hugged me gently to Him. It was as if I was swimming in a sea of ​​joy, in a sea of ​​love. Jesus continued:
- Receive the effusion of my divine love, embrace it because it's your life and you are the life of souls.
Courage my daughter, just a little while longer, your heaven is at hand, it is very near now. Soon your soul, detached from the earth, will fly to heaven as the pure, white dove flies to its nest. Your nest is heaven before the throne of the Divine Majesty, beside my blessed Mother.

Sentiments of the Soul, 1944

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