Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Everything came down to the nothing

(Alexandrina’s thanksgiving after the Holy Communion)

The Everything came down to the nothing, Greatness came down to poverty.
Love came down to coldness, to indifference, to misery, to indignity.
What a great love is Jesus!
You came down from the highest to the lowest.

Jesus, give me fire, give me love; love to burn me, love to kill me.
I want to live and to die of love.

Jesus, may Your divine love be my life. May it and only it be my death.
Jesus, I want to love You: to love You until insanity, to love You until dying of love.

Jesus, I want to be beloved one, the madness of your love... to be lost in the immensity of your love.

Jesus, I consecrate myself, wholly and forever, to You: I consecrate me wholly and forever to the Dear beloved Mother.
Love Her for me, speak to Her about me. 
Tell Her everything, but everything for me...

Dear Mother, come, come soon: give thanks to Jesus for me.
Tell Him everything, but everything for me...

O Dear Mother, I consecrate myself wholly and forever to You...
May You consecrate me wholly and forever to Jesus... 
Tell Him that I love Him... Tell Him that I belong to Him.
Tell Him that I only want to think of Him, that I only want to speak about Him, that I only want to live for Him. 
Tell Him that You will help Him to crucify me, so
that nothing may remain in my body and my soul to be crucified.
Dear Mother, thank Jesus for me for all the benefits I have received until this moment and for those I trust I shall receive. 

Thank Him for all the tribulations and grief... joys and sadness, tears and smiles, everything which makes me glad and makes me suffer. 
Tell Him that I welcome everything from His divine hands, as proof of His biggest love for me.
Give Him a great thank you, a continuous thank you, perpetual thanks!
O Dear Mother, thank Him for everything I have received and I may receive in the time being and on later in eternity.
The Heaven, the Heaven, Dear Mother, what a great love!
O, how great is my debt to Jesus!

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