Sunday, 13 February 2011

The cross, the goodness and the smile

We continue to study the specific context in which appeared the Holy Cross of Balasar and the first and extremely difficult years that followed. The cross is there, indeed, but goodness is barely visible; you see more evil, the vile interests. Yet the cross is goodness, as we know and our Blessed knew better than us. So she had to smile, always to smile. It would be her smile that attracted people.

I do not want the souls come to me through fear and force. Poor souls, it is enough for them to experience remorse and the fear of having offended Me! 
There are many priests who want to take the souls by the force and intimidation, but such methods are useless. If only they would speak to them of the tenderness, mercy and love of my Divine Heart!  Sentiments of the Soul, 4-12-48

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